Back Button – Assistive Touch Mod Apk v2.3.5 (Lite, PRO, premium Unlocked)

Back Button - Assistive Touch v2.3.3 (Lite)
  • Price: Free
  • Added Date: January 10, 2024
  • Requires Android: 4.4+
  • Rated for: All ages
  • Developer: Robust Programmer Inc
  • Size: 1.4 MB
  • Category: Tools

Back Button – Assistive Touch Mod Apk (Lite, PRO, premium Unlocked) –Experience Effortless Navigation with Back Button – Assistive Touch:

Navigate your large-screen phone with unparalleled ease using the Back Button – Assistive Touch app. In a world of oversized screens, the function buttons at the bottom can be a stretch, quite literally. Fear not, as Back Button steps in to make your phone navigation more convenient and user-friendly.

Why Back Button?

  • Large-Screen Convenience:
  • On expansive displays, function buttons often find their place at the bottom of the screen. Reaching them can be a finger-straining exercise. Back Button alleviates this inconvenience, providing you with an alternative and accessible way to use function buttons.
  • Savior for Unresponsive Buttons:
  • Is your function button not working as it should? Back Button acts as your phone’s knight in shining armor, offering a reliable backup to ensure your navigation remains seamless.

Accessibility Service Usage:

  • Back Button – Assistive Touch seeks accessibility service permission to unlock its core functionality. But fear not, privacy is paramount. The application pledges not to read sensitive data or pry into your screen content. Your information is yours alone, and Back Button ensures it stays that way.

How to Harness the Power of Back Button:

  1. Download and Install:
  • Head to the Play Store, grab the Back Button app, and install it on your device.
  1. Accessibility Service Permission:
  • Grant the necessary accessibility service permission to empower Back Button with its core functionalities. Your privacy is respected, and your sensitive data remains off-limits.
  1. Effortless Navigation:
  • With the setup complete, Back Button provides you with an easily accessible alternative, making function button navigation on large screens a breeze.

Note on Accessibility Service Usage:

  • Back Button – Assistive Touch utilizes accessibility service permission to enable its core functionality. This commitment to accessibility is paired with a resolute stance on user privacy – your data remains confidential and untouched by third-party hands.

Elevate your mobile navigation experience with Back Button – Assistive Touch. Download now and bid farewell to finger strain!

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