Black Border MOD APK v1.4.04 (Unlimited Money-Premium/Unlocked) Free Download

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App NameBlack Border
Latest Versionv1.4.04
PublisherBitzooma Game Studio
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Android Support4.4 +
Mod infoUnlimited Money-Paid Unlocked

Black Border Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Black Border Game is a first class simulation game created by Bitzooma Game Studio, a professional indie game designer. Have you at any point wished to be a genuine policeman to confront and perform many dangerous situations? This game will permit you to do that. The game has a colossal person framework, with rich highlights, promising to bring you an experience that cannot be more wonderful.


In Black Border, you will assume the part of a patrolman in the border entryway of a similar border. Your assignment is with this person to check all passengers moving here, actually take a look at the documents, and really look at the joined things. It appears to be basic, yet the game gives you many troublesome challenges, like dealing with wanted criminals and preventing banned substances or counterfeiters.

Not only stopping there, however the game additionally increases the show when adding many interesting subtleties. In guarding this border region, players likewise find many thrilling stories, funny situations, and dim conflicts in the underworld. The ongoing interaction happens at a sluggish speed however similarly as rolling, requiring players to be truly ready and centered in each move.

Thing THAT PLAYERS NEED TO painstakingly CHECK

To stay away from unlawful border crossings and prevent drug trafficking. The main thing that players need to do is to painstakingly look at every person’s information in the papers. To start with, actually look at your first and last name, date of birth. Second, think about the weight and level of every person. Third, check the expiration date of the entry documents, identifications. Fourth, actually take a look at every one of the extras that accompany it. Finally, really look at faces and identifying highlights.

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In Black Border, the Screen will consequently show the Discrepancy Declaration for you to handily control and look at the information. In the wake of completing the inspection system, in the event that the player finds unlawful situations, criminals posing as civilians cannot permit these passengers to cross the border. All of this cycle happens in an inspection corner, the plot of the story will be worked out according to the conversation between the watch character and the passengers.

Decide TO JOIN The two Realities AND Find THE Secrets

In the city of Altai City where you are working, there are two main factions. The first is the opposition – an organization that works underground to oust domineering and degenerate rulers who are abetting criminals for benefit. They defended power and freed this city. Which side will you pick? Join the opposition to live for the purpose or continue to work for the current country. Any subsequent storyline of the game will depend on your decisions.

Notwithstanding, to make due in this city, you should conceal your identity to try not to be presented to protect your life when contacting either faction. If you have identified the faction you want to join, the next thing you need to do is send encrypted messages to your organization through the implementation of mini-games. This is additionally critical for you to find many dim stories surrounding this city.

CHARACTER Framework WITH Different Elements

The feature of Black Border isn’t only in the fascinating subtleties, however it likewise offers an immense number of characters. The game has in excess of 1000 characters however only owns in excess of 50 characters. The main players assume a significant part in the game, including the passengers, criminals, and heads of organizations. Each character is made differently with bizarre outfits, guaranteed to bring players exciting situations.

In addition to the above important variables, the game likewise has countless appealing highlights that are improved routinely. With straightforward mechanics and many rich stories, and stunning designs, making the game increasingly appealing. Unlike other simulation games, you can totally make a plot and the ending you want by building a conversation with different characters. You can likewise change the ending of the story whenever.

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Black Border is an incredibly fruitful Simulation game. During the game, you will feel many dim sides of life and witness many dull stories revolving around this city. With careful refinement as far as content and pictures, the game merits an attempt. In the event that you are passionate about this genre, this will be a totally commendable decision.

Black Border MOD APK (Unlimited Money-Premium/Paid Unlocked) – Turn into a boundary cop and really look at every one of the travelers’ papers, please!

Dark Border is a line cop test system game ? that recreates the existence of a genuine boundary watch official ?. In this game, you expect the job of a cop of the boundary present at the section and leave entryways of the country you work and live in. You the player should actually look at the travelers’ papers and stop the pirating of unlawful things and pay off.

As a boundary official ?, you should really take a look at contestants’ papers and utilize the entirety of your gadgets and instruments to capture individuals like fear mongers, needed hoodlums, dealers, and travelers with produced or taken records.

The Main Objective Is: STOP CRIME

Dark boundary game is a police test system that transforms you into a cop official who serves his country by halting untrustworthy demonstrations. You can turn into a watch official to distinguish dealer and different hoodlums. In the interim, authenticate and check the papers and records of blameless individuals and allow them to continue and cross the boundary securely.

This new boundary cop test system game has natural controls. You can likewise change the illustrations, volume, and speed of the game. You can likewise play this game in various dialects, for example, English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Polish, Japanese and so on… Also, more are to come!

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Line office obligation is centring around upholding the security on location and furthermore control the transportation of precluded things like weapons, collectibles, harmful, opiates, unlawful medication and other illegal things. Dark Border Simulator Game is an extraordinary mix of boundary police force games, line watch games, and other cop test system games.

Dark Border adds a component not present in that frame of mind of games referenced above: Character customization! You can make and tweak your own personality by picking different hairdos, garments, adornments and so forth… Once you are done you can share your creation and via web-based entertainment! You might tweak the foundation for some better drenching!

The followings are a few things that the line official (you) should check cautiously to forestall unlawful boundary crossing:

✅ Actually look at the complete name of every traveler to be similar in every one of the papers.
✅ Really look at The weight and level of the travelers.
✅ Check the expiry date of their visa and different papers.
✅ Search travelers for weapons, unlawful things, chips, and forestall their entry to the nation if essential.
✅ Really look at travelers’ faces to be equivalent to the photographs in their records.
✅ Capture dubious travelers.

Black Border Game Features:

This line test system game has a lot of capacities that can keep you intrigued for some time! Some of them are:
✨ Easygoing and story modes.
✨ New stories consistently getting added.
✨ Various endings.
✨ Perpetual mode (Soon).
✨ Family cost administration.
✨ Resistance Groups Communication.
✨ Support different dialects.
✨ Realistic quality from low to high.
✨ SFX volume and music volume controls.
✨ Message speed variation from extremely delayed to exceptionally quick.
✨ New game modes consistently getting added.
✨ Character configuration (Wide scope of customization choices).
✨ Easy to understand and dynamic point of interaction.
✨ Lovely craftsmanship.
✨ Numerous accounts with bunches of experience.

Play line police recreation games to encounter another touch in your gaming life!