CalenGoo – Calendar and Tasks Mod APK v1.0.183 b1646 (Patched/Premium)

CalenGoo - Calendar and Tasks Mod APK (Patched/Premium)
App Name CalenGoo
 Publisher Gunia UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
 Genre Productivity
 Size 22M
 Latest Version v1.0.183 b1646
 MOD Info Full Version

CalenGoo – Calendar and Tasks Mod APK (Patched/Premium) – 📆 Master Your Schedule with CalenGoo: Your Ultimate Calendar Companion! 🗓️

CalenGoo is the comprehensive calendar app you’ve been waiting for, offering unrivaled flexibility and an impressive array of features. Whether you need to keep track of events, manage tasks, or maintain a perfectly organized schedule, CalenGoo does it all with ease.

📌 Key Features:

🔄 Synchronized Bliss: Enjoy seamless synchronization of your past and future events with Google Calendar. Just add your Google account under “Settings > Accounts” and let your calendar data flow.

🔗 Multifaceted Sync: Sync your calendars with Google Calendar, Exchange, CalDAV, and iCloud, either directly or via the Android calendar. With CalenGoo, cross-platform calendar syncing is a breeze.

🗂️ Task Management: Take your calendar to the next level by syncing tasks with Google Calendar, Exchange, CalDAV, and iCloud. CalenGoo keeps your tasks in perfect harmony with your schedule.

📸 Media Attachments: Go beyond simple events. Attach photos and files directly to your calendar events when syncing with Google Calendar.

📒 Evernote® Integration: Maximize your productivity by attaching Evernote® notes to your calendar events.

☁️ Weather Forecasts: Stay prepared with built-in weather forecasts. Check the weather conditions for your events with just a tap (find it under “Settings > Weather”).

📅 Iconic Approach: Add icons to your Google events. Configure these icons under “Settings > Icons” after adding your Google account under “Settings > Accounts.”

📆 Versatile Views: Choose from five types of calendar views (day, week, month, agenda, and year) to tailor your calendar experience.

📋 Agenda Variations: Select from four styles of agenda views in “Settings > Display and Use > Agenda view.”

🚀 Intuitive Functionality: Drag and drop events for effortless manipulation. Move or copy events with ease to streamline your schedule.

🏡 Widgets for Every Need: Enjoy widgets that cater to your preferences, including day, week, month, agenda, year, and task widgets.

🗃️ Exchange Categories: Sync your CalenGoo calendar directly with Exchange using EWS. Enjoy support for Exchange categories.

🔍 Search Function: Locate events swiftly with CalenGoo’s intuitive search function.

📣 Reminder Options: Experience various reminder functions, including notifications, pop-up windows, spoken reminders, and custom sounds.

🎂 Birthday and Anniversary Tracking: Never miss a special day! CalenGoo helps you keep track of the birthdays and anniversaries of your contacts.

🎈 Floating and Completable Events: Handle floating events and completable tasks like a pro with CalenGoo.

🗂️ Templates for Events: Save time with event templates for recurring occasions.

📄 PDF Printing: Turn your calendar events into PDFs with the print to PDF function.

Tasks in Events: Boost your productivity by adding a short list of tasks to your events.

👥 Contact Links: Link your contacts to events for quick reference and easy communication.

🎨 Colorful Keywords: Utilize keywords to change the color or icons of your events in “Settings > Display and Use > General > Keywords.”

🎨 Design Options: Customize your experience with both dark and light themes under “Settings > Design.”

🎛️ Countless Configurations: Access a plethora of configuration options under “Settings > Display and Use.”

With CalenGoo, your schedule is truly in your hands, adapting to your unique preferences and requirements. Whether you need a powerful calendar for personal use or managing a busy professional life, CalenGoo is your ideal calendar companion.

For more information, check out CalenGoo’s website.

Ready to take CalenGoo for a test drive? Download the free 3-day trial version here.

Need assistance or have questions? The CalenGoo team is here to help. Reach out to the support team here.

🌟 Upgrade Your Calendar Experience with CalenGoo! 🌟

Enhance Your Productivity with CalenGoo and master your schedule like never before. 🗓️

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