Cursed Treasure 2 MOD APK v0.9.5 (Unlimited Money) Download

Cursed Treasure 2 MOD APK v0.8.6 (Unlimited Money) Download
App NameCursed Treasure 2
 PublisherArmor Games Studios Inc
 Latest Versionv0.9.5
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money

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Cursed Treasure 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – In reality as we know it where legends are misrepresented, why not take a shot at being the miscreant? Meet Cursed Treasure 2, a pinnacle guard game that takes a malevolently great turn. The point of the game? Keep those annoying do-gooders from swiping your valuable enchanted pearls by conveying towers loaded up with evil spirits, orcs, and undead flunkies. Release a blast of evil impacts decisively intended to keep those gleaming doodads where they should be – in the possession of the mischievous!

Fight AGAINST A Bunch OF One of a kind Difficulties

The most recent form of the game currently tracks down its devilish way under the control of Android clients. Prepare yourself for an invasion of foes going from blessed paladins to subtle ninjas, divine heavenly messengers to crafty mavericks, each outfitted with unmistakable unique abilities. They’re here to haul away your treasure, and it’s your occupation as the inhabitant Evil to bring them to an abrupt halt. Each level accompanies another test and an opportunity to procure expertise focuses, update your capacities, and open strong spells. Keep in mind, it isn’t so much that “pleasant folks finish last” – it’s simply that they haven’t had the hardship of encountering you yet.

Highlights Aplenty FOR THE Insightful Master

With many highlights, Cursed Treasure 2 will undoubtedly keep even the most requesting of masters engaged. The game flaunts a great 24 levels that ask to spread fear and depression. The pinnacles, your primary line of protection, advance from three essential sorts – devils, orcs, and the undead – turning out to be much more grounded as Malevolent develops. As you play, you’ll get the opportunity to acquire and dominate 30 powerful abilities that will strike dread into the hearts of those absurd enough to challenge you.

Flaunt YOUR Underhanded Accomplishments

Aggregating abhorrent deeds and vanquishing levels will acquire you identifications, 50 of them, to be exact. These aren’t your all around common support prizes. No, these are symbols of honor, evidence of your criminal abilities, and they’re an outright unquestionable necessity for any abhorrent master. In this way, pile up those malevolent focuses and flaunt your underhandedly magnificent accomplishments!


To help your wretched reason, you’ll approach the Evilopedia, likewise affectionately known as The Book of Taboo Information. It’s your go-to direct for everything malevolent and terrible. Furthermore, we should not fail to remember our unique visitor, the Underground market Troll. This smaller guy brings another degree of underhandedness by offering strong spells to assist you with protecting your treasure. In Cursed Treasure 2, information is endlessly power is everything!


In the event that you’re the sort of fiendish master who savors a test, the Night Mode is only for you. This element transforms the obscurity into your enemy, confusing your guard techniques. It’s not just about safeguarding your diamonds any longer; presently, you should explore through the shadowy vulnerability of evening time. Long periods of interactivity are ensured in Cursed Treasure 2, with the Night Mode offering a new contort to keep even the most prepared bad guys honest. In this way, lock in, embrace the dimness, and show those toady legends that not all that sparkles are gold… particularly not in that frame of mind of night