Easy Scroll Mod Apk v7.5 Premium, Pro unlocked

Easy Scroll v7.2 (Premium)
  • Price: Free
  • Added Date: January 10, 2024
  • Requires Android: 7.0+
  • Rated for: All ages
  • Developer:Β Jetpof Apps
  • Size: 13.6 MB
  • Category:Β Tools

Easy Scroll Mod Apk Premium, Pro unlocked – πŸš€ Experience Effortless Scrolling with EasyScroll Tool!

Discover a new era of scrolling simplicity with the EasyScroll app, a revolutionary tool designed to redefine your navigation experience on Android devices. Say goodbye to traditional finger tracing and hello to a world of convenience at your fingertips.

🌈 Unleash the Power of Easy Scrolling:
This isn’t just another scrolling app; it’s a game-changer. Scroll effortlessly using various methods:

  • Button Tap: Swiftly navigate through your content with a simple tap.
  • Volume Key: Utilize your device’s volume keys for seamless scrolling.
  • Shake: Shake up your scrolling routine with a shake of your device.

🌟 How to Scroll:
Master the art of scrolling with diverse techniques:

  1. Button Tap: Tap the screen to smoothly scroll up or down.
  2. Volume Key: Adjust scrolling speed with your device’s volume keys.
  3. Shake: Add a playful touch by shaking your device for instant scrolling action.

πŸš€ Exciting Features to Elevate Your Experience:
Explore the plethora of features that set EasyScroll apart:

  • Change Scrolling Speed: Tailor the speed to match your scrolling preferences.
  • Application Registration: Easily register your favorite apps for quick access.
  • Button Customization: Personalize your scrolling experience with customizable button settings.
  • E-Book Page Turning: Seamlessly flip through e-book pages with a touch.

πŸ“ Important Remarks:
EasyScroll employs the AccessibilityService API for the following purposes:

  • Assist Scrolling with Gestures: Enhance your scrolling experience with intuitive gestures.
  • Reflect User Settings: Adapt to user preferences seamlessly when the displayed app changes.

The app also utilizes the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission for the following reasons:

  • App Registration: Register your favorite apps and launch them effortlessly.
  • Automatic Activation: Activate EasyScroll features automatically when launching your preferred app.

🌐 Connect with EasyScroll:
Stay updated and join our community on social media:

πŸš€ Revolutionize Your Scrolling Experience – Download EasyScroll Now!
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