English Phrasal Verbs Mod APK v1.5.5 (Premium) Download

English Phrasal Verbs Mod APK (Premium) Download
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  • Added Date: April 17, 2024
  • Requires Android: 4.4+
  • Rated for: All ages
  • Developer: Smart Learning Solutions
  • Size: 11.5 MB
  • Category: Education
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  • Version: v1.5.5 (Premium)

English Phrasal Verbs Mod APK (Premium) – Unlock the power of English language proficiency with this phenomenal vocabulary builder, available now on the Google Play Store: Phrasal Verbs Learning App

Mastering English Vocabulary the Smart Way

Are you embarking on your English language learning journey or seeking to elevate your language skills? Your quest for language mastery begins here. English is not just a language; it’s a global bridge, connecting people across the world. Whether it’s for formal settings like business, education, travel, or shopping, or informal interactions with friends, English is the key. This vocabulary builder is your secret weapon in learning and practicing essential phrasal verbs, enabling you to converse in English like a native speaker.

A World of Language

With over two billion English speakers worldwide, the language’s universal appeal is undeniable. Yet, language learners often grapple with the same challenges. How do you apply the knowledge you’ve acquired in everyday speech? How can you confidently choose the right words for the context without worrying about spelling or grammar mistakes?

We present to you the ultimate app designed to enhance your English vocabulary in the real-world context of conversations, social media, internet searches, and more. It caters to beginners and advanced learners alike, helping you attain the fluency of a native speaker. Plus, it’s your ideal preparation for TOEFL or IELTS exams, should you aim to study or work in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia.

10,000 Phrasal Verbs at Your Fingertips

The English language boasts over 10,000 phrasal verbs. Given their unique nature, they can’t be translated directly; they must be learned and memorized. In this words booster app, we’ve curated a selection of over two thousand of the most commonly used phrasal verbs. The user-friendly interface makes learning easy and efficient, aided by a tried-and-true technique that allows you to learn up to 900 new words every month.

Contextual Learning at Its Best

Our experts have assembled a whopping 10,000 examples of phrasal verb usage in context, ensuring that you can apply your newfound knowledge immediately in real life situations. Each phrasal verb in the dictionary flashcards comes with full definitions, up to ten usage examples, phonetics, and pronunciations with different English accents, helping you grasp the spoken word effortlessly. Thanks to our learning method, you’ll never forget correct word spellings.

Track Your Progress and Achieve Mastery

To reinforce your knowledge, we’ve integrated a range of tests that assess your proficiency in selecting the verb as the first part of the phrasal verb and the particle as the second part. The app calculates complex parameters to gauge your knowledge and highlight areas for improvement.

Key Features:

  • Vocabulary builder app with spaced repetition method
  • Comprehensive list of essential phrasal verbs
  • Over 10,000 phrasal verb usage examples in everyday conversations
  • Interactive activities for learning and practicing English vocabulary
  • Individualized lessons schedule
  • Dictionary flashcards for each phrasal verb
  • Dictionary search for quick reference

Your Path to Phrasal Verb Mastery

The app offers a plethora of exercises to help you memorize new words. Flashcards with phrasal verbs in the first part of the lesson allow you to listen to correct pronunciation, review definitions, and explore usage examples. Pass tests to solidify your knowledge and identify areas for improvement. Complete sentences using the learned words, and set daily goals to track your progress. Plus, helpful notifications will keep you on track.

Our team wishes you success and good luck on your English learning journey! 😊

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