Hang Line MOD APK v1.9.31 (Menu/Unlimited Money, Gold, Free Shopping)

Hang Line MOD APK 1.9.5 (Menu/Unlimited Money, Gold, Free Shopping)
Name Hang Line APK
Publisher Yodo1 Games
Version v1.9.31
Size 54M
Category Action
MOD Features Unlocked all, Unlimited Gold
Support Android 4.4+
Get it on Google Play

Download Hang Line MOD APK (Unlocked all, Unlimited Gold)
Hang Line MOD APK Infomation

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Hang Line MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money, Gold, Free Shopping) – Move into the helicopter to begin the excursion to safeguard individuals in the game Hang Line. You are an individual who has an enthusiasm for vanquishing mountains, and you have satisfied your fantasy. Now you have another mission that is held for only one of the expert climbers. It is strolling around various mountains and protecting individuals caught in them.

Many individuals need to overcome the pinnacles like you, yet they are visionaries. The excursion of those individuals is exceptionally smooth until they experience snags you additionally don’t have any desire to meet. Now they are caught in that high spot, and the assignment of protecting everybody is yours.

Certain individuals’ trips must be halted on the grounds that they were stuck at the highest point of the mountain. You are a talented climber, and the errand of safeguarding everybody is shared with you. Demonstrate your chivalrous mission since birth by saving individuals. An individual not scared of peril like you will be all set up any mountain to safeguard. Every individual stuck on it will be brought somewhere near yourself as protected as could be expected. Utilizing the snares, move onto the plane with the goal that you can explore to where somebody needs assistance. Defeat mountain animals like lions or goats to finish the salvage mission. Also Check out : Mountain Climb Stunt

Download Hang Line mod – Become a lifeguard in the mountains

Your getting over venture possibly starts when you have altogether vanquished each mountain. In any case, a decent climber will take on mountain-related undertakings. Your opportunity to demonstrate your boldness and ability against the slopes has accompanied another mission. On the mountains you climb, a few climbers are now snooty there. Now you need to confront levels and savage wilderness monsters to have the option to save them. One small error can cost you and individuals you save lives. Be capable to the climbers you should save and your own life.

Salvage mission

The clear assignment of saving individuals cannot be finished by helicopter yet should be performed by somebody. You are a talented climber and have turned into a lifeguard in this game. You will bring a climbing snare and a trepidation rope to achieve your undertaking. Helicopters will assist you with drawing nearer to the mountain to abbreviate the salvage time. Yet, you will confront different challenges and must rapidly protect everybody. Go through the ice to find where individuals are caught and make a salvage. Utilize your lifeline to give the caught individuals and call the helicopter to pull them up and finish the mission.

The risk in the high mountains

A cruel mountain won’t be quiet, yet you will confront challenges. Ignoring the innate hardships of finding the caught individual, you need to confront another challenge. The wild creatures that show up on your salvage process will dial you back. When you enter the lion’s region, you will be prey to be pursued by them. They assault and can make you commit superfluous errors and potentially lose your life. The temperamental states of every mountain can likewise make shakes or ice breakdown. Conquer risks presented by animals and mountain conditions to endeavor to effectively protect caught individuals.

The rocky mountains

You’ve vanquished the mountains with ability, and now it’s more straightforward with helicopters. Yet, this main effectively rescues those caught in those mountains. The many mountains you’ve gotten over are now being vanquished by you, however with an alternate objective. Such countless individuals are caught, and you should track down them to do the salvage mission. Every mountain will have a different errand notwithstanding you saving the caught individuals effectively. This was likewise another challenge when your objective was to move to the top before. So go determined to climb the jagged tops to track down the caught climbers and salvage them.

You have turned into a talented climber vanquishing all the rocky mountains. The energy has been fulfilled, and now it is the right time to commit your abilities to the errand. There are endless climbers trapped in the mountains that you have effectively won. The news has shown up, and the mission is set to safeguard individuals with your abilities. Get the getting over snare and convey the lifeline up the helicopter to the mountain. Beat the risks of the mountains and the animals’ assaults on them. Download Hang Line mod to play as a lifeguard on the slope and effectively salvage everybody.

Download Hang Line MOD APK (Unlocked all, Unlimited Gold) for Android.

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