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Mastering Survival: Tips and Tricks for Last Day on Earth


Last Day on Earth: Survival throws players into a post-apocalyptic world teeming with challenges and dangers. To thrive in this harsh environment, you’ll need to scavenge for resources, fend off threats, and constantly upgrade your base. In this guide, we’ll explore some essential strategies and answers to common questions to help you survive and thrive in Last Day on Earth.

Obtaining Essential Resources

Scrap Metal, Piece of Cloth, and Pine Log are vital resources for crafting and building. You can collect Scrap Metal from monster corpses and AI players. Piece of Cloth can be obtained either by looting corpses or by crafting them using a sewing table, which requires Pine Planks, Iron Bars, and Rubber Parts. Pine Logs can be gathered from trees scattered across the map.

Upgrading Walls and Floors

Improving your base’s defenses is crucial for survival. By upgrading your walls and floors, you can fortify your base against enemy attacks. Refer to the in-game images for a visual guide on how to upgrade your walls and floors effectively.

Defeating the Big One

The Big One is a formidable enemy that requires careful planning and preparation to defeat. Make sure to equip yourself with a Military Bag, shotguns, medical kits, and high-quality armor. During the fight, utilize the terrain to your advantage by maneuvering to areas where you can easily evade the Big One’s attacks.

Finding Steel

Steel is a valuable resource used for crafting advanced weapons and structures. You can obtain Steel by raiding new bosses or clearing locations like the farm, where the blue boxes often contain Copper Bars that can be smelted into Steel.

Acquiring Aluminum Rod

To craft Aluminum Rods, you’ll need a Melting Furnace, which unlocks at level 6. Gather Limestone Ore and Iron Ore to fuel the furnace and produce Aluminum Rods. Alternatively, you can smelt Bauxite into Aluminum Bars. Be prepared for a time-consuming process, as smelting can take anywhere from 26 to 60 minutes.

Key Features

Create a Character and Explore: In the game, players can create their own character and venture into the region. They can build various structures like houses, craft clothes, weapons, and even construct all-terrain vehicles to aid in their exploration.

Progression and Customization: As players level up, they unlock access to more recipes and blueprints, allowing them to customize their house, upgrade weapons, and develop new skills to enhance their gameplay experience.

Pets: Pets play a crucial role in the game, providing assistance in retrieving items from high places. Huskies and shepherd dogs are mentioned as examples of pets that can aid players in their survival journey.

Vehicle Crafting: Players can craft vehicles such as Choppers, ATVs, or watercraft to travel to remote locations. These vehicles are essential for accessing rare supplies needed for challenging tasks.

Cooperative Gameplay: Crater City serves as a hub for cooperative gaming, where players can team up with others to tackle challenges and engage in PvP (Player versus Player) battles. Joining a clan allows players to enjoy the camaraderie and support of their fellow survivors.

Varied Arsenal: Players have access to a diverse range of weapons, including bats, miniguns, rifles like M16 and AK-47, explosives like Mortar and C4, and many more. This extensive arsenal adds depth to the gameplay and offers various strategies for combat.

Survival Challenges: The game presents players with various challenges, including navigating bodies of water, encountering zombies, raiders, and other adversaries. Players must decide whether to confront these threats head-on or evade them to survive.

Embracing the Post-Apocalyptic World: The final statement acknowledges the harsh reality of the post-apocalyptic world and emphasizes the resilience required to survive in such a hostile environment. It sets the tone for the game’s immersive and challenging gameplay experience.


Surviving in Last Day on Earth: Survival requires resourcefulness, strategy, and perseverance. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world and build a thriving base. Remember to stay vigilant, adapt to changing circumstances, and never underestimate the dangers that lurk around every corner.

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival and embark on your journey to conquer the wasteland!

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