Lovestruck Choose Your Romance MOD APK v9.8 (Unlimited Hearts) Latest 2023

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance MOD APK 9.2 (Unlimited Hearts) Latest 2021
App Name Lovestruck Choose Your Romance
Latest Version 9.8
Size 68Mb
Publisher Voltage Entertainment USA
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Mod Info Unlimited Hearts and Tickets
Android Support 4.2 Above
Price Free

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance MOD APK (Unlimited Hearts) – Choose your perfect romance and enjoy the love in this unique visual romantic game that you have always wanted. Find a storey that catches your heart and decide with a selection of 80 unique characters who you want to love. Currently available series are: MY CRUSH SIREN SOCIETY, ACADEMY SIRENSH, and WICKED LAWLESS LOVE. Currently available series are: Love & Legend: From your daily life, Destiny brings you into a sword and witch world. IS FOR LIVERS HAVENFALL: Vampires, werewolves and demons, Oh my find in this mysterious and exciting storey your Supernatural Soulmate. GANGSTERS IN LOVE: After you… and your hearts, is the most dangerous and sexy gang in Los Angeles.

Lovestruck MOD APK (Unlimited Tickets, Heart) Download

Would you like to find romantic and loving romantic tales? If indeed, remember to join this game immediately to appreciate the wonderful and fascinating collection of affection novels. Here, you will meet in excess of 80 characters, including guys and females. Decide for yourself the most exciting content and drench yourself in those characters.


Coming to Lovestruck Pick Your Romance, you will enjoy a fun-filled wine night around charming characters. This is an exciting music night, giving players essential moments with their sweethearts. Additionally, it might be ideal in the event that you stayed away from unintended dangers, for example, not using delight and a few stimulants that are destructive to wellbeing. You ought to know how to control your emotions, ace yourself anytime, anywhere.


Lovestruck Pick Your Romance will offer you many chances to go on a journey on a well known island with your darling. From that point forward, you are stuck on this island and have no connection to the mainland. Here, you can have a great time chatting with individuals and learning more about one another. In addition, you ought to think and sort out some way to find your direction home as fast as could really be expected.


You will actually want to experience the enchantment and attraction that comes from the adoration for Greek divine beings and monsters. In each piece of the novel, you will assume the part of a renowned god in this game and submerged in romantic tales with him. Sweet kisses, warm embraces are portrayed everything being equal, spreading the glow of adoration to every player. The destiny of the world can change quickly with only a tiny kiss. The force of adoration in this plot is holy and valuable.

Investigate THE Cosmic system OF Affection IN DIFFERENT Relationships

This game will permit you to investigate the huge universe and the immense system in romantic love. This relationship has been connected to the main person for a seriously long time. They are consistently by one another’s side whenever they are cheerful or miserable, and their affection is proven by endings that are excessively perfect.


Lovestruck Pick Your Romance will bring you to find in excess of 80 new and unique characters. Each person in every story has an exceptional person, and you will be presented and get to know them and converse with them consistently. From that point, you will feel and understand more about the personality and preferences of each person. They are romantic individuals who generally put love first. We should investigate every one of these fantastic characters.

Clear Designs WITH Delightful CARTOON CHARACTERS

The method for sketching characters in Lovestruck Pick Your Romance is exceptionally modern and new. Players will actually want to own and respect the excellence of each different cartoon character. The designs are incredibly different, not copied from the hair, face, and ensembles. This has made an intense attraction that makes many players invigorated and passionate.

KEY Elements

Players will be open to enjoying romantic tales with their darlings in the most fun manner.

Experience the universe of liquor and hot jazz music next to your charming young ladies while you need to restrict the utilization of destructive stimulants.

Leave on a journey to a delightful and distant island to find the distinctive scenery of your general surroundings.

Character pictures are designed and portrayed uniquely; the countenances are depicted and represented differently, allowing you to distinguish each person.

Investigate the inner self and learn more about the personality and attributes of each character plainly and mindfully. From that point, you will effortlessly conquer this fascinating plot.

Lovestruck MOD APK (Unlimited Tickets, Heart) Download

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