Manor Matters MOD APK v4.8.5 (Unlimited Stars/Free Shopping) for Android

Manor Matters MOD APK (Unlimited Stars/Free Shopping) for Android
App NameManor Matters
Latest Versionv4.8.5
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Android Support4.4 +
Mod InfoUnlimited Everything

Manor Matters MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) Download


Embark on an enchanting journey of mystery and renovation with Manor Matters, a captivating game that challenges players to restore the grandeur of Castlewood mansion while unraveling its secrets. Immerse yourself in a world of intricate puzzles, engaging storytelling, and stunning visuals as you breathe new life into this historic estate.

Renovation Adventure:

Manor Matters invites players to indulge their creativity as they embark on a quest to transform Castlewood mansion into a breathtaking masterpiece. With an array of decorative elements at your disposal, each renovation decision becomes an opportunity to infuse the mansion with charm and elegance. However, every enhancement requires time and resources, prompting players to engage in thrilling minigames to gather essential materials.

Ocean Adventure Event:

Experience a refreshing twist in Manor Matters with the Ocean Adventure event, where players dive into the task of transforming the mansion into a captivating aquarium. Explore an array of mesmerizing decorative options, utilizing seashells as currency to acquire coveted items and adorn your aquatic paradise.

Intriguing Narrative:

Delve into the rich narrative tapestry of Manor Matters, where the tale unfolds through the eyes of Carl, the faithful servant of Castlewood’s erstwhile owner, Mr. Burke. As players assume the role of the protagonist, they embark on a quest to uncover the truth behind the mansion’s haunted reputation and unlock the mysteries concealed within its walls.

Eerie Encounters:

Step into the foreboding atmosphere of Castlewood mansion, where whispers of hauntings and secrets shroud its dilapidated halls. Navigate through chilling encounters and spine-tingling moments as you strive to unravel the enigmatic past of this venerable estate.

Renovation Challenges:

Venture into the heart of Manor Matters’ gameplay, where renovation tasks abound, each presenting a unique puzzle to solve. Utilize the coveted yellow stars to fuel your restoration efforts, overcoming obstacles and breathing new life into the mansion’s forgotten treasures.

Object-Finding Gameplay:

Engage in immersive object-finding gameplay, where keen observation and quick reflexes are essential to success. Explore diverse locations teeming with hidden objects, employing precision and focus to fulfill renovation requests and unlock new chapters in the mansion’s story.


Manor Matters offers a spellbinding fusion of renovation simulation and narrative-driven gameplay, inviting players on a captivating journey of discovery and restoration. With its immersive storyline, diverse challenges, and stunning visuals, the game promises an unforgettable gaming experience for enthusiasts of mystery and renovation alike.

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