Mobizen Screen Recorder MOD APK v3.9.6.19 (PRO Premium-Without watermark)

Mobizen Screen Recorder MOD APK v3.9.4.7 (PRO Premium-Without watermark)
App NameMobizen Screen Recorder
Latest Versionv3.9.6.19
Android Support4.4 +
Mod infoPremium Unlocked

Mobizen Screen Recorder MOD APK (PRO Premium-Without watermark) – Record screen, produce GIF, edit and draw, all from one single app, Mobizen!

The Screen Archivist you were looking for

▶ The “ Stylish of 2016 Apps ” named by Google.
▶ Screen archivist named by global 200 million druggies.
▶ Featured in Google Play.
—– Featured in numerous countries similar as Korea, USA, Europe, Japan, North and South America
▶ Screen recording, prisoner, and editing functions are free.
▶ The videotape recorded with the Mobizen app isn’t saved on the garçon, only on the stoner device, so use it with confidence!
▶ Easy to start/ stop recording, and freely break while recording.
▶ Use it incontinently without subscribing up( login).

Download Mobizen Screen Archivist, which can start recording fluently with one click, and start recording gameplay, videotape, and live broadcasting fluently and accessibly!

Do you want your first screen recording to be perfect?

ㆍClean screen recording without a record button through Hide Air Circle mode!
ㆍRecord the screen without watermark for free using Clean mode!
ㆍNot only FULL HD( FHD) screen recording, but also QUAD HD( QHD, 2K) screen recording! Supported maximum recording quality ▷ Recording resolution 1440P, recording quality24.0 Mbps, frame rate 60 fps
ㆍFacecam function! Express your responses freely and record game sounds and voices together!
ㆍSave to external memory( SD card)! Record long screen recordings of further than an hour without fussing about memory!
ㆍVarious image editing functions( BGM, in/ outro, trim, split videotape, frame birth,etc.)
Increase the quality of the recorded videotape!

Only in Mobizen

ㆍFrom zilches4.4, anyone can use it without lodging!
ㆍScreen recording, prisoner, and editing functions for free!
ㆍRemove the watermark and make a cleaner recording!
ㆍRecord a videotape of yourself through Facecam!
ㆍHighlight important points through the delineation function!
ㆍCreate your own watermark!
ㆍCreate a GIF and produce a fun meme!
ㆍChoose the type of Air Circle!( mini type, time bar type, transparent type)

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Mobizen Screen Recorder MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Mobizen is a flexible and valuable screen recorder for creating heaps of interesting content or capturing screen moments you want to impart to everyone. It likewise accompanies extraordinary utilities and supports to boost efficiency and bring shocks when recording while at the same time gaming.

Screen recorder is now a generally utilized instrument by many clients to assist them with saving each moment on the screen and concentrate it into a video. The application likewise has a helpful screenshot include with different customizations for everyone to make an assortment of excellent and painstakingly trimmed photographs. Likewise, its included video manager is great and has every one of the highlights or amenities you need to make a total video, similar to sound, impacts, and more. You can likewise overhaul the application to get to many premium and great elements that make video production more convenient and efficient. Assuming you are looking for an application that assists you with making inventive or important recordings, this application will be the top candidate with great capacities and compelling adaptations.


The need of the application is to give outright ease of use when using or to integrate it into the framework, notification bar, and many different spots of the gadget. That permits clients to get to amenities or functions rapidly and can straightforwardly record without visiting the native application to actuate. You can likewise redo the fundamental operations or access yourself for the most interesting potential outcomes to suit your style while really saving opportunity to record or finish a video.

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When you enact the application by means of the notification bar or the easy routes, an air pocket will consequently show up in the corner of the screen and pack every one of the necessary elements for operation. That includes video recording, screen catch, and many different elements for you to interact straightforwardly and catch moments on the screen. Obviously, you can straightforwardly get to the settings and personalize the air pocket to improve each action and save the work area to try not to take up every one of the important region of the screen.


The recording system will likewise show up with many additional highlights or unique settings for you to effortlessly interact with the screen recorder. You can manually manage unnecessary parts without editing through the stop or resume include. Also, you can straightforwardly record any internal sounds without being impacted by the environment. In the event that you want, recording can be restricted to an application or window instead of the entire screen, making the cycle smoother for watchers and producing great video.


The application can use every one of the highlights or performance of the framework to address any issue or enhance everyone’s utilization experience to the next level. That includes activating the front or back camera during recording to convey inventive recordings or funny content. Through it, you can straightforwardly record yourself and the content on the screen without overlapping and alter them to have facetime recordings that match the content you are working on.

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If you want to stress important things or concentrate on the video, the application will introduce the draw highlight with different pens and varieties. A drawing board will show up during recording without overlaying the main content, allowing you to straightforwardly feature key content with various varieties through layers. You can erase or resize the drawings essentially and deftly ceaselessly the video or recording from creating a two-way interaction with the watchers.

ADVANCED VIDEO Supervisor Repercussions

In addition to recording, the application likewise integrates an adaptable and advanced supervisor so you can refine any video and add fitting content. That includes adding intros, outro, enhanced visualizations, texts, background music, and more to make the video awesome and complete, prepared for community transfer. The video editing framework can likewise be altered to suit every person’s preferences to augment efficiency or take inventiveness to the next level.

Make GIFS AND FUNNY Images Without any problem

The function of creating GIFs or images is currently a strong trend, and individuals are responding enthusiastically to bring endless bliss to everyone or watchers. The GIF function can be straightforwardly separated from any video that clients love to underline certain content or humor. Meanwhile, the image does the inverse, and it has many of the necessary offices for you to add text to the picture or make the space needed to add emoticons or other content.


Music is broadly utilized in many recordings, and you can add custom sounds or songs not upheld in the application’s library. That makes creating recordings more unique and agreeable instead of involving copyright issues and even more appealing to watchers when everything is hand crafted. Aside from that, the application can likewise separate sound from recordings and permit clients to straightforwardly involve them for any video or edge with deftness.