Shot On Stamp Photo Camera Mod APK v1.6.5 (Pro) latest Version Download

Shot On Stamp Photo Camera Mod APK v1.6.2 (Pro) latest Version Download
  • Price: Free
  • Added Date: December 21, 2023
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Rated for: All ages
  • Developer: Master Apps Lab
  • Size: 20.8 MB
  • Category: Photography
  • Permissions: View details
  • Version: 1.6.5 (Pro)

Shot On Stamp Photo Camera Mod APK (Pro) – Auto add Shot By Stamps and Shot On Watermark Stamp on Photos with Mobile Camera

Are you tired of sharing photos from your mobile camera without the recognition they deserve? Want to brand your photographs with your device’s name and your signature? Look no further! The ‘Shot On Stamp Photos with ShotOn Watermark Camera App’ is here to add that professional touch to your mobile photography.

Key Features:

Super Shot On for Camera Photos: Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a professional, this app is perfect for adding ShotOn tags to your photos.

Free for All Users: That’s right! You get these powerful watermarking features for free.

Attractive Colors: Customize the colors of your ShotOn and Shot By tags to match your style.

Adjust Position of ShotOn & Shot By Tags: Place your watermark tags exactly where you want them on your photos.

Add Custom Shot On Logo: Choose from a variety of brand logos, and even add your own custom logo.

Editable ShotOn and Shot By Signature Text: Personalize your watermark tags with your device’s name and your own name.

Add ShotOn for Mi, Shot On for OnePlus, ShotOn for Vivo, Shot On for Oppo & more: Tailor the watermark to your device.

Why Choose ‘Shot On Stamp Photos with ShotOn Watermark Camera’?

A Boon for Freelance Photographers: If you’re a freelance photographer, use the Shot By tag to let the world know who took the picture and on which device.

Securing Your Photos: The ShotOn tag also acts as a copyright and trademark label, protecting your photos from misuse.

For Professional Mobile Photographers: With mobile photography gaining popularity, let your work stand out with Shot On watermarking.

Show Off Your Brand New Phone: Just bought the latest smartphone without a built-in ShotOn feature? No worries! Download this app and customize your copyright labels.

In a world where mobile photography is thriving, it’s essential to brand your work. With ShotOn Stamp Photos with ShotOn Watermark Camera, you don’t need to manually specify your handset’s name and brand each time you share a photo. Simply add these copyright labels, and your work will always be recognized.

So, go ahead, download “Shot On Stamp Photos with ShotOn Watermark Camera” from the Play Store and start adding those cool ShotOn tags automatically. Your photos will thank you! 😉

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