Sir Linkalot Spelling Mod Apk v2.1.5 Premium, Pro Unlocked

Sir Linkalot Spelling v2.0.1 (Unlocked)
  • Price: Free
  • Added Date: January, 2024
  • Requires Android: 8.0+
  • Rated for: All ages
  • Developer: Thinkalink Digital Limited
  • Size: 14.6 MB
  • Category: Education

Sir Linkalot Spelling Mod Apk Premium, Pro Unlocked – Introducing the Future of Spelling! Sir Linkalot presents an engaging app designed to revolutionize the way children learn spelling. Tailored for students across KS1, KS2, and KS3, this award-winning app is a game-changer in improving spelling proficiency for kids of various ages and skill levels.

Featuring an extensive collection of spellbinding animations and mnemonic ‘links,’ this app serves as an invaluable tool for enriching school lessons, supporting homeschooling endeavors, and aligning with the UK national curriculum’s SPAG criteria – Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar.

Crafted for learners aged 4 and above, the app categorizes words into different difficulty tiers, ensuring a personalized learning experience. Dare to take on the app’s stimulating multiple-choice tests and crossword challenges, and witness your progress through score tracking. Remarkably, students using Sir Linkalot’s app witness a staggering 70% improvement in their spelling scores, with an astounding 150% leap for those grappling with learning challenges.

The app encompasses six essential literacy components: spelling, homophones, rules & patterns, punctuation & grammar, prefixes, and etymology, unraveling the fascinating origins of words. A recent addition includes Times Tables from 2×2 to 12×12, with plans to expand the mathematical realm further. Bundled by influential literary or mathematical figures, these categories continually expand, amplifying knowledge horizons.

Enter Lady Lexicographer, also known as TV’s Susie Dent, an ally to Sir Linkalot. Her penchant for dictionaries illuminates the app with captivating word origins and enthralling stories behind select words, including their prefixes.

Critics and users alike sing praises for Sir Linkalot’s innovative approach:

  • “A fascinating and fun means of memorizing and visualizing words.” – Skillswise, BBC
  • “It makes spelling fun. I see the animations when I write the words.” – Feedback from a 10-year-old with ASD & ADHD
  • “Brilliant. I can now spell diarrhoea!” – Praise from none other than Sir Paul McCartney

For those concerned about privacy and terms of usage, rest assured! Check out our Privacy Policy here and our comprehensive Terms and Conditions here.

Embark on a captivating spelling journey and unlock a world of words and knowledge with Sir Linkalot. Download now on the Play Store and witness the magic of mastering spelling in a whole new way!

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