Stack Mod Apk v3.40 (Menu, No ADS, Unlimited Money) Download free Android

Stack Mod Apk v3.26 (Menu, No ADS, Unlimited Money) Download free Android
App NameStack
 Latest Versionv3.40
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money

Stack Mod Apk (Menu, No ADS, Unlimited Money) – Is it true that you are searching for a game that is sufficiently provoking to quickly intrigue you? So why not attempt Stack? That is a game intended to challenge the player’s timing skill. Assuming you generally felt that puzzle games were really difficult for you, why not test one more ability of yours?

Ongoing interaction

The player whose objective will be to assemble a perpetual pinnacle with the most noteworthy floor in one attempt. Focuses will work out the level of the pinnacle, and a point will relate to a section that the player put. Putting section on the pinnacle is exceptionally basic, however the primary issue is the timing skill of the player. Sections will show up from different sides rotating, their speed is consistently something similar, and there is no indication of expanding or diminishing so the player can have confidence about this part.

The first state of the chunks will be square, however in the event that the player can’t timing impeccably, the extra pieces of the section will be cut off. The remainder of the chunk at the highest point of the pinnacle will decide the state of the following piece that will show up and make timing more troublesome. Obviously, in the event that the player puts the chunk outside the pinnacle, it will promptly end the game.

Chunk showing up from different sides will make the trouble of this game increment, and the main thing the player can do is trust their timing. In the event that the player loses center and ceaselessly lets completely go, the region of the pinnacle decreases after every disappointment. Causing pieces to show up on the two sides will make the game more testing than other comparative games.

Assuming the player timing impeccably and makes the region of the two chunks equivalent, the combo chain will actuate. The combo chain will end assuming that the region of the following piece contracts. The combo grouping will duplicate the player’s score for the span, then reset on the off chance that it fizzles.


The designs of this game are exceptionally basic. All pieces will be planned in 3D for simple timing. Not exclusively are their 3D plans basic, yet their tones are likewise fluctuated and will ceaselessly change all through the game. This game doesn’t have the element that permits players to change the shade of the section, so their varieties will haphazardly change in view of the level of the pinnacle.


The player can’t change the shades of the chunk, however their example may. Changing the example on every chunk will make your pinnacle really shimmering and more noticeable. Obviously, their varieties will step by step change in light of the level of the pinnacle. There are a wide range of kinds of examples for players to open, need to complete specific circumstances if player needs to open different sorts of examples.

Competitor list

To pay tribute to the world’s best timing ability players, their names will show up on the list of competitors. In light of the player’s score, the list of competitors will begin separating the players with the places in a particular gathering. As such, the higher the player’s score, the higher the competitor list’s situation. Obviously, the scores acquired from building a pinnacle won’t make any sense and just take the player’s most noteworthy record.