Suspects Mystery Mansion MOD APK v2.2.2 Hack (Unlimited Money/Gems) Download

Suspects Mystery Mansion mod apk(MENU MOD, Unlimited Money) for Android.
NameSuspects: Mystery Mansion APK
PublisherWildlife Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu/Show Impostor, Max light
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a relaxed and social game requiring direct interaction between players to win each round. The exciting thing in this game is the blatant untruths, and the player needs to find the mysteries or important hints in every situation. All players need is to lead and converse with individuals, in this way exposing any villains or con artists to achieve all objectives.


The entire interactivity or content of Suspects: Mystery Mansion generally centers around the player’s capacity to lie in each meeting. Depending on their part in the crew, lies need to be convincing to hoodwink others, even contend with the enemy and make them fall into a snare. Plus, the players additionally need to accomplish the assigned work to win each round no matter what their part in the entire halls.

Different Jobs TO TAKE ON

All players are isolated into three main jobs in each anteroom or round, namely Visitor, Analyst, and Assassin. Every job has its work, and whoever finishes their work first, the entire game is finished, yet there needs to be a great deal of interaction and constant action during this time. Additionally, as a result of the range of jobs, the distrust of every player increases significantly; even believed friends can betray.

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The mini-games in Suspects: Mystery Mansion are normal exercises for the Visitor, and they need to finish a progression of individual mini-games to contribute to the gathering work. The quicker the completion of the assignments, the more noteworthy the Visitor’s win rate while taking advantage of the errand knowledge to deceive the Assassins. A few unique subtleties in the journeys are likewise important elements to involve them as evidence to safeguard their identity.


Other than the monstrous design of the assignment framework for the Visitor, the player can exploit the terrain or environmental elements to rapidly kill individuals. The job of the Assassin in this game is to kill individuals furtively and stow away prior to being found, yet they can’t do the assignment, so it’s not difficult to be recognized if negligent. Conversely, the player can obliterate a couple of important parts, conceal in the shadows, and travel through interconnected ventilation lines.


Suspects: Mystery Mansion will make players stand out more through a different and hilarious person customization framework. It comes in different unique tones, caps, skins, embellishments to actual interactions with the environment, and even selective animations to the skins. Obviously, players can openly involve any content as they are free and continuously enhanced over the long run.

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During meetings where a dead body is accounted for or an emergency meeting, players can utilize voice visit to interact with one another. While the conversation can get wild, it’s an essential component for players to give viewpoints while likewise defending themselves against any slander. On the contrary, it is very helpful if a player wants to lie, subsequently shifting all questions onto different players and continuously eliminating them.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is an extraordinary social game for individuals with a graceful tongue or incredible presentation abilities. Besides, shrewd individuals can become potential Assassins, even professional analysts, uncover enemies, and win each game.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited gems) Download

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod Apk (Menu, Unlimited Money and Gems) – is game that’s similar to Among Us. In it, you’re invited to a mansion where you’ll have to complete different tasks. One of the nine guests is a killer, and his mission is to murder each one of the other players. The game has two different game modes, one for adults and one for under 15s. It comes with charismatic and fun cast of characters, and it’s a fun online social game.The controls are perfectly adapted to touchscreens, and you can interact with all the elements in the setting. The most important thing is that the killer doesn’t catch you off guard while you’re trying to complete your tasks.

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Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod apk is a fun puzzle game with an action twist. As the game of choice for many people seeking entertainment, as well as entertainment moments with friends and family, the game is also for everyone with a variety of personalities; you can show your strength in this game and it will become your strength to help you and all other characters on the team win.

You are an entertainer, a reasoner, or someone who likes to guide others; you may be a quiet person who likes to listen; or you may be someone with a high IQ and logical thinking. The type of person you can be is an important part of the game and carries the important task of finding the murderer and kicking him out.

Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod apk:-

  • As you try to solve the murder mystery online with 9 other genuine people. To come closer to identifying the killers, do investigative activities.
  • You and the other participants will talk about who the killers are in between rounds. In this social deduction game, everyone is a suspect.
  • After you’ve had your say, the game will prompt you to vote. Vote to expel the suspect from the house based on your instincts.
  • You have the option of playing with your closest friends or with other players of similar skill levels, as determined by the game.
  • This game is constantly evolving, so stay tuned for new maps, activities, and features.