Tarteel: Quran Memorization Mod Apk V5.40.0 Premium, Pro unlocked

Tarteel: Quran Memorization v5.35.9 (Premium)
  • Price: Free
  • Added Date: May, 2024
  • Requires Android: 5.0+
  • Rated for: All ages
  • Developer: Tarteel Inc.
  • Size: 97.6 MB
  • Category: Books & Reference

Tarteel: Quran Memorization Mod Apk Premium, Pro unlocked – Discover Tarteel: Your Ultimate AI-Powered Quran Companion

Welcome to Tarteel, the trailblazing AI-driven Quran application designed to elevate your spiritual journey. With a single tap, immerse yourself in the divine verses of Allah, powered by the simplicity of your voice. Just trigger the microphone, recite, and witness the sacred verses materialize right in front of you.

Embracing intuitive artificial intelligence, Tarteel unveils the Quran in a personalized manner, tailored to your unique interaction. This remarkable assistant adapts to your recitation, meticulously tracking your progress and aligning with your objectives and schedules. Consider it your devoted guide, always ready to listen and connect you to the Quran, no matter when or where you are. Tarteel aims to foster a profound relationship with the Quran for every user, facilitating improvement in recitation, confidence, and the cultivation of lifelong habits.

Tarteel boasts an ad-free experience, upholds user privacy, and operates under the guiding principles of Islamic values, driven by a zealous commitment to serve the Muslim Ummah through innovative technology.

TARTEEL PREMIUM: Elevate Your Quranic Journey

Experience an advanced level of Quran memorization through Tarteel Premium, a subscription-based offering featuring:

  • Memorization Mistake Detection: Receive real-time notifications when you falter in recitation, assisting you in rectifying and revising errors for future improvement.
  • Advanced Memorization Mode: Enhance memorization by hiding the script, allowing Tarteel to highlight verses and accompany your recitation, aiding in self-assessment.
  • Audio Playback: Review and analyze your recitation to pinpoint areas requiring enhancement.
  • Challenges: Set and conquer personalized goals, embedding Quran engagement as a lifelong habit.
  • Advanced Progress Tracking: Access detailed analytics, monitoring your progress towards Quranic engagement goals.

Join Millions Strengthening Their Bond with the Quran

Join the ever-growing community of 5,000,000 users leveraging Tarteel to deepen their connection with the Quran. Your feedback is pivotal in enhancing our platform. If Tarteel has enriched your spiritual journey, kindly share your experiences through a review. Share your feature requests or ideas at http://feedback.tarteel.ai.

Important Notes:
Tarteel necessitates microphone access and a stable internet connection for its voice functionalities. Please grant the necessary permissions on your device for seamless utilization.

Explore Further:
Privacy Policy: Tarteel Privacy Policy
Terms of Service: Tarteel Terms of Service

Start your journey with Tarteel and experience a transformative connection with the Quran today!

Download Tarteel Now!

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