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Where’s My Water? Apk (MOD, Full Unlocked) Free Android 2021
App NameWhere’s My Water?
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More About Where’s My Water? Apk

Where’s My Water? – realized Puzzle game on Android. Marsh is an exceptionally spotless crocodile, notwithstanding the way that he needs to live in the sewers. Your assignment is to assist the principle character with washing up, coordinating the progression of water through burrowing of channels. No expense and without tackling the issues with the lines. Water continually streams descending, if the dirt is framed empty, we additionally need to carry it to the unique line, which is straightforwardly associated shower of crocodile.

In spite of the way that all the interactivity Where’s My Water? is really diminished to burrowing of channels, the undertaking doesn’t appear to be dull, and, also, is basic. The designers don’t get drained to entangle the primary person admittance to the desired water. Pretty much every new level carries another item connected with the interactivity. For instance, bombs that detonate in case they are wet. Notwithstanding such difficulties, the game contains different rewards and stowed away in the ground. Best to pass the level you need to move alongside the water of every one of the three ducklings, which by and large is amazingly troublesome.

The application has pleasant hand-drawn illustrations and smooth movement. The game has not been seen critical shortcomings. Unmistakably the designers have attempted from the heart. They did a comparative project called Where’s my Perry?. Where’s My Water? – a brilliant application with a clever person leading the pack job, which will actually want to get the extravagant of youngsters as well as grown-ups. Note that the online distribution Pocket Gamer and phonearena remembered it as round of the year.

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Features Of Where’s My Water? Apk

  • * Original Characters and Stories – Swampy, Allie, Cranky, and Mystery Duck star in four separate stories. That’s more than 500 fantastic puzzles!
  • * Ingenious mechanics – see water in a variety of forms and use your imagination to solve the problems – quite exciting!
  • * Collectibles, Challenges, and Bonus Levels – Unlock bonus levels by collecting special things specific to each character and completing cool challenges! Tri-Duck in each level for the best reward!

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If you want to defeat many challenges with each interesting riddle to assist your main person with drinking water, Where’s My Water? is not a terrible decision. This is a funny game with many unique levels along with challenging however easy stunt puzzles. Players should assist the characters with drinking water, use all the ways and different ways to assist them with dieing of thirst. Join us to test your intelligence through many unique puzzles.


Swampy is a crocodile that lives in the small sewers underneath this city. He has a totally different temperament from different worms that he is very friendly, pleasant, and funny. Besides, he has a leisure activity of soaking in water and likes to shower to unwind and entertain following a day loaded with pressure and stress. Be that as it may, there was an issue with the sewer system here. So he couldn’t get water from the shower to wash. In a situation like this, he needs your assist a ton with getting the battery running!! Can you make it happen or not?

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Referring to inventiveness, the name Allie cannot be ignored. She is known as the most inventive and dynamic alligator of the sewers. Because of her dynamism and quiet emanation combined with innate artistic talents, she has turned into a famous star and has many fans. With the steam-fueled instruments that the hunters made, it is unique and alluring. It was thrilling prior to enjoying her performance. Assist her with getting the steam she needs to use her instrument.


Cranky is a person who has a tremendous hunger and eats anything to work on his wellbeing and assist his body with getting enough nutrients. As a person who can eat anything, he will never eat vegetables. We should work on eating vegetables and attempt to diminish the greasy eating regimen, to have ordinary wellbeing. Clean your plate by using purple water to treat and wipe away the messy things on the plate. It ate voraciously.


Prior to installing this game on your PC, you should know that this game will contain social media links to connect and interact with different players. Besides, in the event that you make an in-application purchase in this game, you must use it with genuine money. This is a game for all ages, and it does not need generation; as long as you have a passion for solving wonderful puzzles, you are allowed to partake.


This game allows players to respect a unique cast of characters, with many amazing colors combined with different names. Besides, the interface screen is also fabricated flawlessly, creating a feature for this game. It catches the player’s attention and causes a gentle attraction. Besides, the fun background music made the game substantially more fun and interesting.

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The riddle system is diverse with incredibly brain-hacking questions, and to solve it, you need the player’s intelligence to answer them. Think cautiously and exploit the experience you need to foster extraordinarily suspenseful and engaging riddle steps. Players should valiantly confront the many difficulties and obstacles that show up in every one of these puzzles. Then, answer them and foster the most fitting and exact method for playing to allow the characters an opportunity to live as themselves.


This game is delivered to help players improve and advance intelligence and assist them with having a superior memory. Ideally, let’s allowed your children to partake in this game to assist them with developing their brains and work on their understanding of the much knowledge that appears in this life. On the off chance that you have the opportunity to investigate and enjoy the super exciting and fun levels, you will have more motivation and assist your spirit with becoming more ready and spry. Besides, you should recommend this game and spread its benefits to many individuals to enjoy together.

PLAY TO YOUR Number one

You can partake in playing this game uninhibitedly and easily according to your play style and playstyle. Indeed you will have a stunt of your own, use all the intelligence you need to follow through with all responsibilities on schedule.

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