X-Secure VPN Master Mod APK v1.8.9 (Pro, VIP, Premium Unlocked)

X-Secure VPN Master Mod APK v1.8.8 (Pro, VIP, Premium Unlocked)

App Information

  • App Name: X-Secure VPN Proxy : Fast VPN
  • Version: 1.8.9
  • Updated on: May, 2024
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Downloads: 100,000+
  • In-app purchases: ₹620.00 – ₹7,100.00 per item
  • Content rating: Rated for 3+


X-Secure VPN Proxy : Fast VPN is your ideal choice for a secure and private VPN that offers unlimited free service. This app is designed to safeguard your online activities, hide your IP address, and provide encryption for your internet traffic. It allows you to transform public Wi-Fi networks into private, secure connections. With this VPN, you can access blocked websites and apps on your Android device while ensuring your online safety and anonymity.

X-Secure VPN Proxy offers several features that make it special:

  1. Unlimited and Free VPN: It provides unlimited free VPN service and free VPN proxy servers, allowing you to enjoy VPN protection without limitations.
  2. Access Blocked Content: You can use X-Secure VPN Proxy to unblock websites and apps, even in regions with content restrictions. This means you can access social networks, streaming services like Netflix, and more.
  3. Anonymous Connection: X-Secure VPN Proxy ensures your online activities are anonymous and secure. It uses military-grade AES 128-bit encryption to protect your data and masks your online identity.
  4. Super Fast VPN: The app offers super-fast VPN connections by automatically connecting you to the nearest server. This results in faster browsing and streaming experiences.
  5. User-Friendly: It’s easy to use, with a one-tap connection to a free VPN proxy server. You can use it with various types of networks, including WiFi, LTE, 3G, and mobile data.
  6. Large Server Network: X-Secure VPN Proxy has servers in over 65 countries, providing you with a wide range of options for server locations.
  7. Privacy Protection: The app prioritizes user privacy and follows strict privacy policies to protect your data.
  8. 24/7 Support: You can get help from their 24/7 live support team if you encounter any issues.
  9. Affordable Subscription: While it offers a free version, you can also subscribe to a premium plan at an affordable price, unlocking additional features.

Overall, X-Secure VPN Proxy aims to provide a secure, private, and fast VPN experience, making it a special choice for users looking to protect their online activities and access restricted content.

About X-Secure VPN Proxy : Fast VPN APK

X-Secure VPN Proxy : Fast VPN offers a robust set of features to enhance your online experience:

Unlimited and Free VPN: Enjoy unlimited free VPN service and access free VPN proxy servers at any time and from anywhere.

Access Blocked Websites: Unblock websites and apps with super stable and fast VPN speed. Connect to X-Secure VPN Proxy to access geo-blocked content, forums, news, and social networks like Twitter, Netflix, TikTok, or Facebook.

Anonymous Connection: X-Secure VPN Proxy protects your network, whether you’re on a WiFi hotspot or any other network. Browse anonymously and securely without being tracked, thanks to military-grade AES 128-bit encryption.

Streaming and Gaming: Enjoy buffer-free streaming of videos, live sports, and TV shows on platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and TikTok. Listen to your favorite music without interruption and improve your gaming experience with fast VPN servers.

User-Friendly: X-Secure VPN Proxy offers a user-friendly experience with one-tap connectivity. It works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.

Super Fast VPN: This VPN automatically detects your location and connects you to the nearest server, ensuring a faster connection than other providers.

What’s New

  • No changelog provided.


X-Secure VPN Proxy : Fast VPN is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a secure and private VPN service. It offers unlimited free VPN servers, access to geo-restricted content, anonymous browsing, and fast streaming and gaming. With user-friendly features and fast connections, it provides a safe and anonymous online experience.

Alternative of X-Secure VPN Proxy : Fast VPN

If you’re looking for alternatives to X-Secure VPN Proxy : Fast VPN, you can explore other VPN services such as VPN Lumos, XY VPN , and Cool VPN Pro , among others.

How to Download and Install X-Secure VPN Proxy : Fast VPN

Follow these steps to download and install X-Secure VPN Proxy : Fast VPN on your Android device:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. In the search bar, type “X-Secure VPN Proxy : Fast VPN” and press Enter.
  3. Select the X-Secure VPN Proxy app from the search results.
  4. Click the “Install” button to download and install the app.
  5. Once the installation is complete, open the app and follow the setup instructions to get started.

Download APK for X-Secure VPN Proxy : Fast VPN

You can download the secure, fast, and free VPN app, X-Secure VPN Proxy, from the Google Play Store. Simply search for “X-Secure VPN Proxy : Fast VPN” in the Play Store and follow the installation instructions.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please refer to the app’s privacy policy and terms of use:

Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy

Terms of Service: Terms of Service

You can also contact the app’s support team via email at [email protected] for further assistance.

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