Zero City MOD APK v1.53.0 (Unlimited Crypto Coins/Money + Mod Menu) Android

Zero City MOD APK (Unlimited Crypto Coins/Money + Mod Menu) Android
App NameZero City
Latest Versionv1.53.0
GenresSimulation B.v.
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Android Support4.4 +
Mod infoUnlimited Everything

Zero City Mod APK – Lead Your Bunker, Command Your Survivors, and Fight Against the Zombie Apocalypse


Welcome to Zero City, a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies where survival is the ultimate goal. In this mobile survival simulator, you’ll take on the role of a shelter leader tasked with governing your bunker, managing your population, and defending against the relentless hordes of the undead. With strategic planning, resource management, and combat skills, you’ll lead your survivors to safety and reclaim the planet from the clutches of darkness.

Fight the Fear of Legions of Zombies:

In the aftermath of a devastating epidemic, the world has become infested with zombies. Led by the intelligent mutant known as The Master, these undead creatures pose a grave threat to humanity. As the leader of a shelter, your primary objective is to fortify your defenses and fend off waves of zombies and mutant leaders. With a growing population of survivors under your command, you must prepare for challenging battles to secure the future of mankind.

Build a Shelter with Different Rooms:

Your shelter serves as the last bastion of hope for humanity in Zero City. Customize and expand your bunker by constructing various rooms tailored to the needs of your survivors. From living quarters to research labs, each room plays a vital role in the survival of your community. As new survivors arrive, assign them to specific rooms based on their abilities and stats. Upgrade your rooms to unlock advanced features and enhance the functionality of your shelter.

Form Powerful Teams to Destroy Zombies:

Venture into the zombie-infested world and assemble powerful teams to confront the undead menace. With a diverse roster of characters at your disposal, strategically deploy your forces to overcome challenging levels and defeat mutant zombies. Equip your warriors with powerful weapons and gear obtained through loot crates and rewards. As you progress, unlock new equipment and recruit additional warriors to strengthen your army and increase your chances of survival.

Survive in a Thoroughly Apocalyptic World:

Immerse yourself in a fully immersive apocalyptic world teeming with danger and uncertainty. Navigate through treacherous environments, engage in intense battles, and uncover the secrets of The Master’s army. Gather resources, upgrade your shelter, and recruit allies to aid in your quest for survival. With elements such as mutant zombies, intelligent leaders, and fully armed armies, Zero City offers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience unlike any other.

Download Zero City MOD APK on Google Play Store:
Link to Zero City on Google Play Store

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