Fraction Calculator Plus Mod Apk V5.7.8 Pro unlocked Download

Fraction Calculator Plus v5.6.3 (Pro)
  • Price: Free
  • Added Date: February 24, 2024
  • Requires Android: 5.0+
  • Rated for: All ages
  • Developer: Digitalchemy, LLC
  • Size: 18.5 MB
  • Category: Tools

– ☆PRO features unlocked
☆Ads Layout removed/Ad activity Removed
☆Optimized Graphics/Zipaligned
☆Remove default .source name of java files;
☆Cleaned Package for fast load
☆Debug Info Removed

Fraction Calculator Plus Mod Apk Pro unlocked – Simplify Your Daily or Woodworking Fraction Calculations Effortlessly!

Introducing Fraction Calculator Plus, the ultimate solution for tackling everyday fraction problems or intricate woodworking calculations with absolute ease and efficiency, now available for free. This indispensable tool proves invaluable when dealing with various scenarios:

  • Assisting kids with math homework
  • Adjusting recipe ingredients for specific servings
  • Handling calculations for crafting, construction projects, and more.

Effortless Functionality

Experience seamless usability on both phones and tablets with features designed for convenience:

  • Crisp, easily readable calculations, visible from a distance
  • An innovative triple keypad display for lightning-fast input, including mixed numbers with just a few taps
  • Automatic reduction of fraction results to their simplest form, ensuring clear and immediate answers
  • Instant conversion of results into decimal numbers for quick reference
  • Step-by-step explanations for a comprehensive understanding of the calculation process
  • An integrated decimal calculator that adeptly handles problems involving fractions, decimals, or both
  • Handy calculator memory (M+, M-, etc.) for streamlining multiple calculations and their subsequent results.

Effortless Fraction Arithmetic

Perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions seamlessly with Fraction Calculator Plus, transforming your device into an indispensable assistant.

Free vs. PRO Version for Woodworkers

While the free version is ad-supported, our ad-free and PRO versions cater specifically to woodworkers:

Fraction Calculator PRO Version for Woodworkers

This advanced version caters to both professional and DIY carpenters with specialized features:

  • Custom Rounding: Round measurements to specific denominators (2nds, 4ths, 8ths, 16ths, 32nds, or 64ths of an inch)
  • Rounding Precision: Select rounding preferences to avoid errors, rounding up, down, or to the nearest value
  • Automatic Decimal Conversion: Quickly obtain the decimal equivalent of calculated fractions.

Precision in Woodworking

Whether in a workshop or at a construction site, ensure the accuracy of wood plank measurements with just a few taps. Achieve precision in calculating fractional inches, saving time, effort, and materials for any woodworking project.

Unlock the Power of Precision

Get Fraction Calculator Plus on Google Play now to effortlessly handle fraction-related tasks, from everyday calculations to precise woodworking measurements.

Download Fraction Calculator Plus and experience the ease and precision of fraction calculations, simplifying your daily math challenges or woodworking projects with unparalleled efficiency!

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