Girl Group Inc Love Kpop Idol MOD APK v1.2.89 (Unlimited Money)

Girl Group Inc Love Kpop Idol MOD APK v1.2.77 (Unlimited Money)
NameGirl Group Inc APK
PublisherSunbeesoft Co., Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Girl Group Inc Love Kpop Idol MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – an intriguing idea that allows the player the opportunity to become a Director of the company, active in the search and promotion of fresh talents. The user will be tasked with identifying and training gifted children. Gamers will improve their children’s acting and dancing abilities, voice abilities, humorous talent, endurance, and intelligence while learning. All of this will contribute to the character’s global fame and popularity.

How To Play :

1) Scour the streets for a large number of talented trainees.

2) Teach your idol a variety of skills such as voice, dancing, comedy, acting, stamina, and intelligence.

3) As you progress through the levels, you can increase your fandom by making various broadcast requests.

4) Raise corporate funds by forming a popular girl group and managing album, merchandise, and concert ticket sales, or attend different auditions to optimise your profit.

5) As your idol and company expand, assist in the growth of your firm by making various expenditures such as building improvements and hiring new trainers.

6) You will be able to create a relationship with your corporate idols by listening to them, offering advise, and accepting their wishes.

7) You will also be able to gain the support of your stockholders by conducting interviews from a variety of sources.

8) With each trophy won at the yearly end-of-the-year ceremonies, your company’s reputation will grow.

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9) To manage and grow your idols, form separate units and expand worldwide to produce albums or go on a world tour.

Turn into a company founder and lead the entertainment industry’s top symbols in Girl Group Inc MOD APK. An Android portable simulation game reasonable for all ages. The player is the Chief of an entertainment company, you will accompany the symbol groups from the start until the company develops tremendously. In any case, investing in building a company, paying workers’ compensations will cost you a lot of money and stars. If it’s not too much trouble, utilize the MOD version that we give. Unlimited Money highlights and Starcoins assist you with reducing the burden of capital. All you need is to zero in on training icon groups, making them arrive at their maximum capacity and shine on stage.

About Girl Group Inc MOD APK

We are no longer strangers to symbol groups, particularly Korean groups. These symbols have thousands of fans around the world. Be that as it may, to become icons, they need the strong help of the management company. Have you at any point wondered what it could resemble on the off chance that you were the top of an entertainment company to frame a group? In the event that indeed, Girl Group Inc is definitely for you. This game mimics in the most practical manner practically everything that the President of an entertainment company needs to go through. Albeit initially limited scope, later you will be astounded with the outcomes you accomplish. Working and training the top professional icons, earning gigantic benefits. The game distributer Sunbeesoft has gotten tens of thousands of downloads and positive audits on the Google Play Store.

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Fascinating plot

On the off chance that you are a first-time participant, Girl Group Inc will lead you with a story. You are a natural talent in managing and training symbols, however the old company doesn’t regard your thoughts. They’re not advocating that you want to zero in on improving your deity’s talent. The disagreement reaches a critical stage and you leave the company and make up your own plan to construct a new entertainment company to show the old company’s slip-ups. Then you meet the investors and they are prepared to put the initial capital. Girl Group Inc brings you to meet your default icon girl first, she will likewise be your companion along the way. It is never past the time to listen to the information she gives.

Construction of training offices

The main thing to accomplish for an entertainment company is to have spaces for icons to practice, for example, a vocal practice room, dance studio, Cd recording studio, and so on. You can decide to construct them in turn. the suggestion was given by the assistant. Initially, Girl Group Inc grants you an amount of capital representing investors’ money, however at that point the main work is yours. Players need to conclude what they ought to construct more that fits the model that your fantasy company is aiming for. Obviously, advancing all abilities for idols should be satisfactory.

Meet and enroll interns

Since girl group lineups are normally exceptionally famous, you can’t have only one symbol. The assistant will lead you to where you can meet young girls with talents in singing, dancing,… Converse with them about the company’s recruitment strategy and what you want. Recall that you should enter into a contract to pay them a certain amount of income. To shape another group, Girl Group Inc expects you to climb to a more elevated level. Anyway, remain cool-headed and center around developing the talents of every single group.

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Creating a group picture

Every trainee has an information board with different talent show numbers including Visual, Vocal, Dance, Acting, Joke, Intellect, and Stamina. Initially, the number may not be what you anticipate. However, they are simply trainees, players are expected to hone their talents. On the initial natural details, set them in the position that you think fits in the group. In addition, you can likewise set up a style for icons to spruce up, change their appearance to make them more alluring.

Constantly expanding exercises

Don’t squander your money on investment in light of the fact that later, when you bring symbols to perform, record, and sell Discs or take pictures and act, your benefits will be dramatically increased. Demonstrate your capacity to organize and train totally. Constantly rising to get grants, for example, the most esteemed entertainment company, totally defeating the old company that has missed you.

Alluring designs and sound

Girl Group Inc towards adorable realistic style, chibi character picture. Additionally, the varieties utilized are generally attractive splendid tones. Provide players with a sense of fun and solace. The background music of the game is a song without verses, the new mood further inspires you to make and develop your company. All contribute to creating a unique entertainment space.