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About Sleepzy

Sleepzy Mod APK (VIP/No ADS/Pro Premium unlocked) – Track your rest cycle ? and awaken better with a fresh out of the plastic new brilliant morning timer

Solid rest = Sound life!

Dig profound into your rest and work on its quality with our new rest screen application Sleepzy!

Sleepzy, the savvy morning timer and rest tracker, carves out the ideal opportunity to wake you, conveys daily rest insights, and recognizes whether you wheeze. These devices and more assist you with resting soundly, screen your rest conduct and make solid propensities towards wellbeing. This rest design tracker and morning timer examines your rest cycle and tells you in the event that you have a rest obligation. Whether you’re a cheerful early bird or an evening person, this rest application will help you rest better and bring you quality rest very much like your number one cushion.

Sounds progressive, isn’t that so?

Find Sleepzy now – the powerful rest cycle tracker and brilliant morning timer which will help you:

  • Awaken during the lightest rest period of your rest to feel revived, refreshed and prepared for the afternoon
  • Deal with your rest cycle and make solid propensities to remain on time
  • Nod off to loosening up sounds and wake up to your number one music
  • Put forth your Rest Objective and track Rest Obligation to remain inspired and rest better
  • Track Rest Examples to comprehend when you get your best quality lay down with the most charming rest tracker
  • Reward up your existence with a high level week by week Rest Details and Rest Tracker
  • Know your Rest Quality and do whatever it takes to further develop your rest cycle
  • See if you wheeze or utter any sounds while laying down with the Wheeze Recorder
  • Begin your own Rest Journal inside the application
  • Get into the most plentiful and loosened up state before bed

Rest Investigation:
This shrewd morning timer conveys an exhaustive rest examination of the client’s rest, records your rest cycle and creates proposals on how you might rest better. Basically place your gadget close to your bed and this rest tracker will utilize the mouthpiece to examine your rest cycle propensities.

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Rest Journal:
Need to figure out how your everyday schedule impacts your rest quality and ultimately rest better? Begin your own diary with Sleepzy morning timer to notice relationships between’s your rest examples and everyday exercises. Add notes with your exercises during the day to perceive what they meant for your rest. Whether it was an extravagant supper, a morning run or whatever might influence rest cycles – put this note down in the ‘Rest notes’ segment and keep it straightforwardly on the application.

Wheeze Recorder:
Did you make a particular sounds for the time being? Difficult to figure! This rest application has an ideal arrangement – rest screen. It measures and tracks assuming you wheeze while you sleep and distinguishes factors that might be obstructing your rest. Wheeze recorder likewise distinguishes things you can do to rest soundly.

Begin observing what influences your rest cycle to get an adequate number of long stretches of rest this evening!
Now is the right time to rest better and wake up invigorated and stimulated! Attempt Sleepzy – the creative rest cycle tracker and rest talk recorder!

Note: development and commotion from an accomplice or pets while resting may influence results.

Go Premium for added highlights:

  • Track sounds that you make while dozing
  • 100 percent Promotion free

Download Sleepzy MOD APK (Premium unlocked)

Improving rest is vital for a sound body. Sleepzy will make it simpler for you. Created to analyze rest by any component. Sleepzy will tell clients how much rest they need. Use apparatuses and analytics to survey every person’s rest. When using this application for quite a while, you can determine the issue you are facing. What is the main source of affecting rest? Obviously, there will be the most scientific solutions. Proven and confided in enough for you to deal with improving your rest.

Rest is the main season of a person’s day. A decent rest is when the body is totally loose. Feeling good and invigorated when you awaken. Be that as it may, only a couple of little factors can influence your rest a ton. Not getting enough rest is a no, yet that doesn’t mean sleeping longer than expected is sound. Rest ought to be done in a constant amount of time and brilliantly. Sleepzy will be founded on your everyday exercises and propensities. Then choose the most reasonable rest for the client.

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Download Sleepzy mod – Change rest to further develop wellbeing

Sleepzy has both a morning timer and apparatuses for adjusting and analyzing rest. With morning timers, nothing is too strange anymore. You will set a proper chance to hit the sack and wake up around then. In addition, you need to announce your everyday rest routine. Notify the reaction subsequent to waking up with the goal that Sleepzy begins analyzing it. Depending on your propensities, this application will propose reasonable rest times. Most are comparable in light of the fact that everyone needs quality rest simultaneously. Advanced instruments, for example, rest tracking and creating a sense of relaxation for the client. We’ll go into them inside and out underneath.

Monitor your rest

How would you think Sleepzy will follow your rest? By camera? No, this application wants to notice the action when you rest. Sleepzy will record the entire time that you rest until you awaken. It will identify sounds like when you move or snore. Here and there when you are dreaming and talking in a fantasy, Sleepzy can keep in any proportion. From those information, it will determine your status somewhat. Just by the manner in which you rest, you can likewise evaluate how solid you are. It prompts the improvement and change of exercises prior to sleeping in the next section.

Many restrictions exercises

Here Sleepzy needs your honesty the most. If it’s not too much trouble, report your exercises for the afternoon. Particularly exercises that you do only a couple of hours before bed. For instance, you have practiced for a couple of hours, eaten a snack, or felt extremely debilitated. In view of that information, Sleepzy will assess whether to do it on the grounds that a quick bite or a cerebral pain will influence the stomach and nerves. Indeed those things will hugely affect your rest. The exhortation is to restrict them to the greatest extent. A little activity will be smart since it assists the body with being worn out and simpler to nod off.

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Make solace

Other than reminding you about your everyday routine, Sleepzy will likewise assist you with falling snoozing quicker. It is entirely reasonable for the individuals who have had insomnia for quite a while. The key is the sounds given in the application. These are scientifically proven brain stimulation sounds. They assist the mind and body with becoming agreeable and loose. From that point, you will actually want to handily nod off with practically no interruption. Here and there everything necessary is a pleasant soundtrack to change all that. You will have a superior and more invigorated rest when you awaken. Use measurements to analyze and notice your latest dozes.

Many individuals experience rest issues and experience issues controlling them. This prompts an absence of rest and an inability to concentrate on everyday undertakings. Sleepzy is an impermanent solution that can help you partially. Work on your rest in many scientifically proven techniques. Make all conditions for you to be generally agreeable while sleeping. The main objective is to work on the wellbeing of the client. There is more soul to work in a fun and dynamic manner. Download Sleepzy mod to change from today.

Download Sleepzy MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

Feature Of Sleepzy Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Everything


  • bug fixes

How To Install ?

  1. “Sleepzy MOD APK” can be downloaded.
  2. Without using WiFi or the internet, install Download Apk.
  3. Complete the installation procedure by opening the Installer.
  4. In your Android device, let it finish installing.
  5. Get Free Unlimited Resources by launching the MOD APK App.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve installed the Sleepzy Mod on your Android device, you can hack the game and have fun playing it. Only Download The Mod By Following The Above Procedure & Enjoy Because It Has Truly Amazing Features.

Final Words

If you have any issues, please comment below!