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The Room Two MOD APK + OBB (Full Paid) Download for Android
App nameThe Room Two
Latest Version1.14
PublisherFireproof Games
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Android Support4.1 and up

About The Room Two Apk

Immerse yourself in various classes while carrying a copy of your puzzles to inspire confidence. In quest of their own buried mysteries, they sat on the challenging aspects of the 10-s relics.The second series of the cult quest is full with unique puzzles that will make you work hard to solve. The series’ appeal stemmed from its excellent 3D graphics and attention to the tiniest details. The plot, on the other hand, will engross players in a world of mysticism, unexplained happenings, and hidden societies that refuse to expose their dark secrets to anybody at any cost.

The Room Two is an intriguing puzzle game in which the player must track down the scientist while also completing a variety of tasks and riddles. There are a lot of logical problems in the gaming world that need to be solved. To begin, the user must complete a brief training session that demonstrates all of the game’s subtleties. It will be lot simpler after his death, yet we cannot relax.

To complete a problem, you must inspect all of the objects and read all of the letters. As a result, getting to the clues will be lot easier. The environment is incredibly interactive, and each object has a role to play in resolving issues. Unaided in sight, with a magnifying lens to look at details. Take use of the unique three-tier hint system if you’re having trouble passing.

The game’s fantastic 3D graphics add to the game’s already eerie atmosphere. Each location is meticulously detailed and well-drawn. The sound also evokes a sense of mystery. The Room Two is a fantastic puzzle game well worth your time.

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Download The Room Two APK + OBB (Full Game Unlocked)

The Room Two is the ideal combination of a blood and gore film and shrewd riddles. One might say that this is a riddle solving game, yet it is enveloped by an exceptionally puzzling external shell. You will be drawn into a world loaded up with sharp, practical pictures and a dim, haunting climate. That has animated interest and kept players down to the person in the virtual world until the latest possible second.


The Room Two designed the format of the game like a film. The story begins with a letter from a baffling scientist – AS. This is the version that continues the events that happened before for the person in the principal original version. Around then, you are caught alone in a mysterious basement. Therefore, the information you get from Just like the only sign for you to find an exit plan. From here, you enter an incredibly creepy world.

Albeit considered a deliverer for you when you are in inconvenience, the signs in the letters are likewise considered a “situation with two sides.” Other than providing valuable information for you to settle riddles to pass each level, it will weaken your brain whenever uncovered for a really long time. After some time, this happens excessively, and you might even lose your memory. Therefore, be cautious and scan the enlighten when it shows up your room!


The strange space that you are eager to investigate gradually contains many interconnected rooms. There exists an extraordinary element called Null. A substance can bend objects around, even in these rooms. Plus, it turns into the intermediate paste that keeps these many mystery chambers intact. Assuming you’re interested about the unique elements all through the account of finding the solution to your riddles, we should bounce squarely into the principal room!

In spite of the fact that there are many rooms in this space, each room has only one level. Here, a progression of riddles, all things considered, from simple to troublesome, are waiting for you to settle. They are not discrete however are constantly linked together through puzzling hints in strange items. When you complete the mission in the main room, the entryway of the second room will continuously open.


The articles appearing in this three-dimensional computer generated experience will leave you enamored. They are designed to be exceptionally intricate and sensitive down to the littlest detail. It’s not simply brightening things however pieces of information for you. Submerge yourself and look carefully to find the privileged insights that are hidden behind! Your definitive point is to find the bits of the riddle box unlocking mechanism.

The game vows to bring you an exceptional material experience that no other game has. Since the game is a touch screen application with innovative controls, you are permitted to straightforwardly control the exercises in the game. For example, zooming in and out of riddles, objects, and so on. Even turning keys or closing and opening puzzling drawers, and so on. These very natural highlights assist you with seeming to feel plainly everything about an existing article in the game.


It isn’t only fascinating from the outset of the game or in every mystery room, yet it likewise haunts you until the end of the game. When you successfully complete the mission in the last room, the exit is to return to where the game began. Nonetheless, the challenges have not halted; you continue to be pursued by the trouble makers.


In addition to appealing gameplay and thrilling storyline, The Room Two draws in you by its excellent visual framework. The extraordinary outcome of the game cannot neglect to mention their presence. A loathsomeness theme inspires each picture, so you will definitely be fixated on not wanting to leave when you see them. Pictures are not only lovely yet profoundly intricately designed and showed with their own unique format.

Generally, this is the best option for gamers who both want to investigate and conquer themselves through each troublesome riddle. The UI is uncommonly designed to be straightforward, so even the people who have recently begun contracting or have been submerged in this game genre for quite a while can take part. In any case, once you have joined this association, it is difficult for you to ignore a progression of appealing challenges waiting for you ahead.

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